Sammy has worked really hard in putting together the family tree of RF Allicock. Any further modifications or corrections to it can be made only by communicating them to Sammy directly.
The old powerpoint file is no longer valid and will now be discarded in favor of using Family Echo.

I am posting a downloadable read-only version of the RF Allicock Family Tree here.
Click on the link below and then click on SAVE FILE in the dialog box that opens to begin the download. This is a trusted site so follow the instructions listed below.
Remember that the tree is now huge and contains well over a thousand entries. To locate yourself, your family or to find out if you are on the tree use the FIND PERSON function at the bottom of the display.


Below are only the instructions to help you through the install process. The buttons are not operational. Follow the instructions carefully and you will be fine.

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