Here is the contact information for the Allicock Family Reunion 2011 and the members of the Executive Steering Committee

Reunion Clearing House #240-245-3730 -Voice Mail

Reunion Email address -> moc.liamg|1102kcocilla.noinuer#moc.liamg|1102kcocilla.noinuer

The US Postal Address for non-electronic mail communication with The Allicock Family Festival 2011 is:

The Allicock Family Festival 2011
c/o Lisa Allicock,
7232 Arthur Drive,
Falls Church,
Virginia, VA 22046.

Steering Committee Members

Samuel Allicock 240-550-0822 - moc.oohay|0002_orpvamas#moc.oohay|0002_orpvamas - President of the Robert F. Allicock Heritage Foundation.

Lisa Allicock 703-944-7504 —— moc.liamtoh|9021kcocillal#moc.liamtoh|9021kcocillal - Secretary

Diana Lewis 703-593-6155 - moc.liamtoh|52anaididal#moc.liamtoh|52anaididal

Lennox Barclay 301-367-9308 - moc.oohay|86420brl#moc.oohay|86420brl

Lucy Allicock-Persaud 301-613-6078 —— moc.liamg|kcocillaycul#moc.liamg|kcocillaycul

Dr. Carmen Barclay Subryan-301-937-3428- ude.drawoh|nayrbusc#ude.drawoh|nayrbusc

Jeffrey Gittens 301-860-4085 —— ude.etatseiwob|snettigv#ude.etatseiwob|snettigv - Site Manager and Web Master.

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