Lucy Allicock

THE CLEARING HOUSE HAS BEEN SET UP . The number is #240 245-3730. Leave a message or a phone call and it will be directed to the right person. I have a couple of names for the reunion… suggestions…1.Allicock Festival re..2.Allicock Retreat Reunion Lucy.
10/21/09 - A happy birthday to Renie who is residing at Amelia's Ward. May God bless and keep you…..Today I am thinking about our reunion. The weather reminds me that in July 2011 we will have the best weather. As I talk with relatives, they are excited about coming to our reunion. They are already asking where it will be in 2011. As I go along I am trying to get family to commit. Thanks to Jeff, Lisa, Diana,Sam and Lennox for the hard work and good and happy planning. Lucy.

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